Friday, 30 September 2011

Problematic pimples

Hot temperatures
I live in Malaysia, a very hot country with temperatures from 24C at night to a soaring 32C at noon. If 19C is considered "cool", then 24C is "nice and cool" and 32C is "very hot, just too hot for comfort". Most people feel very hot and uncomfortable being outside under the hot sun at noon, +1hour and -1 hour. Steer away from the hot sun from 11 am to 1 pm. Be inside buildings at this "peak hotness" time. Stay in air-conditioned rooms or cars, or sit near the fan, if possible. Pimples are the worst around this time, when the face is hot, sweaty, oily and dirty! Cool temperatures tend to give less pimples and pimples are less of a problem when the climate is cool.

Hot spicy foods
We also eat hot spicy food at noon, with added chilies and chili sauce, and sometimes with sambal belacan. For those who have allergies to seafood and thus belacan, and all dishes containing belacan, including sambal belacan, your pimples are hardest hit! The pimples become severely itchy after eating such food. The more we stick to hot spicy specials, the more PIMPLES we get. Try to cut down on hot spicy foods. It is hard trying to cut down on hot & spicy foods but worth trying it.

Drink more fluids
Drink lots of fresh cold fruit juices/drinks .... they taste better in hot weather. Fresh limau kasturi, lime tea, tamarind juice or asam boi is a good choice. It is best to drink lots of plain water around midday as this replaces water loss from the body (as sweat). The more you sweat, the more water you need to drink till your brain says it is time to stop taking anymore drinks.

How to tackle pimples
Some pimples are more problematic to get rid off. Some pimples are so big/deep and some all over the face that you just don't know what to do. Don't waste money trying many things as they won't work for you if you don't know what ingredients they contain and how the ingredients work chemically.

Here is a simple way to clean up all that pimple mess on your face... follow me ....

You will need these things
A clean sink with a mirror so you can see what your face looks like
Clean running tap water (cool wellwater is still the best)
Eriesya Tamarind spa (bath) salt (this is the best "soap" in the world)
Watson Exfoliating (body) scrub with almond oil and vitamin E (this is very gentle for the skin)

The best combination to have for a clean face

How to clean the face properly
Look at your face in the mirror
Make a mind map of where the problematic areas are
Usually one cheek is worse than the other

Put a dab of tamarind spa bath salt in your palm and add a small dab of exfoliating body scrub with almond oil and vit E. Briefly mix the two with your fingers and apply to your face. Using swirling motion, rub in the paste till it forms a thick white film on your face. Keep rubbing using swirling motion as this will pull out all the collected oil on the face. Keep at it till the rough salt grains have dissolved. Your face should look like you are wearing a white mask by now. This whole "work-in" should take approx. 5 minutes at most.

How to wash your face properly
Figure out mentally  (in your mind) how you need to wash your face without aggravating burst pimples etc. You will need to start washing from the "safe" areas of the face and eventually clean the "unsafe" areas of the face. Tilt your face if you need to and clean one side of the face - cheeks, near the ears, forehead, chin, half the nose. Tilt the face the other way and clean the other side of the face. Pay attention to "difficult and problematic" areas. Don't try to burst more pimples as you clean your face. Wash generously, with lots of water.

How to wipe clean your face
This is the tricky part. Now your face is wet and you need to wipe it dry. How? How do you wipe it dry properly? The trick is to wipe dry the "unsafe" areas first, and then the "safe" areas. Use facial tissues (toilet roll works well too and they are a cheaper option) and dab the difficult/painful areas of the face. You can use a clean dry towel or facial tissues to clean the other "safe" areas of the face. Now your face is clean and dry.

What next?
This is what I would recommend:

Option#1: Stand in front of your table fan, put in on #3 (fastest). Let your face cool in front of the fan till you can feel the coldness in your cheeks! Switch off the fan when you think you are done. Feel great?

Option #2: Apply slices of cucumber soaked in iced slurry. Any fruit slices will do. I have not tried watermelon rind though.

Option #3: Stay in an air-conditioned room to cool the face.

Avoid make-up
I would not recommend wearing any make-up. Natural beauty is still the best. And you tend to look good when you have natural beauty. Make-up tends to hide natural beauty. Men tend to fall in love with unnatural made-up "beautiful" but artificial beauty, only to find out that they have been cheated when the "beautiful face" goes to bed without make-up. It is a pity. Also remember that the dangerous ingredients (heavy metals and dangerous oils) give you breast cancer and who knows what. Avoid make-up at all cost.

Psychology of a beautiful face
Work on natural beauty. Keep your natural beauty. It takes you longer on a safer journey with a beautiful natural face. You don't have to "pretend" that you are beautiful anyway. Live naturally with your godsend naturally beautiful face. A naturally beautiful face adds youthfulness and you tend to feel younger, feel young at heart. Be grateful you have a beautiful face. Say Alhamdulillah. Just be thankful and be happy.  And smile that charming smile!

Saturday, 29 August 2009


WASHINGTON (Slate Magazine), September 11, 2008:

Wrinkles are like new vocabulary words: Once you become aware of them, you notice them everywhere. Worry lines, laugh lines, frown lines, crow's-feet. Los Angeles, where I live, is a great city for wrinkle watching. True, in the enclaves of plastic-surgery enthusiasts—Brentwood, Beverly Hills, the sets of Hollywood films—there is nary a wrinkle in sight. But the city is also home to some of the crinkliest people you will ever see, their faces baked by the hot desert sun into relief maps of creases and furrows and crosshatching.


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Masalah Haid Selepas Keguguran

From on Malay Confinement

Assalamualaikum Pn.

Saya mengalami keguguran pada 13/05. Pada 30/05, saya pergi dapatkan rawatan seperti yg dijadualkan dan katanya semuanya ok.Kemudian Dr. beri satu tarikh untuk datang semula sekiranya haid tidak datang iaitu 07/07.

Seminggu selepas saya jumpa dengan dr., darah keluar kembali pada 08/06 seperti haid selama seminggu. Namun selepas 5 hari darah berhenti, darah keluar semula iaitu pada 20/06.

Saya ingin bertanya kepada Puan, adakah darah yang keluar itu adalah darah haid atau pun tidak?Berapa lamakah keadaan ini akan berlarutan?Bilakah kitaran haid saya akan kembali normal?